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Full body workout that has endless possibilities!

Resistance Band Training is a great alternative to traditional weight training for any athlete. By limiting the stress on your body and adding the resistance, Pro Boardz and Pro Bandz serves as your own personal gym! With unlimited workout ability, this makes the perfect equipment for all athletes!

Long Boardz




Only weighs 11 pounds!

Mega Boardz




21 pounds

**Patent Pending**


From a gym to the beach, Pro Boardz give you the freedom to workout whenever, wherever. Weighing in a 11 lbs., The long boardz are perfect for working out on the go. Small enough to get a full workout in a living room and light enough to comfortably carry to a park or beach. Pro Boardz keeps the gym in your hands! 


All Pro Boardz Platforms come with a 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Pro Boardz are built for the ruggedness of the outdoors as well as your workout. The Polyurethane finish makes it completely waterproof, able to withstand added pressure, and an easy clean up. Just wipe it down and you're good to go!

Be you!

Pro Boardz are built to fit your lifestyle. Customize yours with specialty colors and your own logo. Have your board reflect your personality!


Each Pro Board is created by hand locally in Arkansas using real wood, steel, and paints/dyes/stains. Each board takes 5 days to complete and package. The ability to customize every part of the process gives you a personal feel to your equipment.


With all the attachments available, there's no reason to not get every muscle in your body engaged. The bands and sliders provide an unparalelled experience.

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