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Handcrafted locally in Arkansas using real wood. Waterproof, weatherproof, inside, outside, whatever your needs require, this board will keep up with your workout without breaking down! Hand painted and stained with a Polyurethane finish for protection against your rugged workouts. Steel connectors to attach Pro Bandz and other accessories. This board will not break down on you no matter what your workout puts it through! Mega Boardz are 48" x 30" with 8 steel connectors. This board can be used for all your traditional exercises as well as being used for Vertical Training! All you need is two Pro Bagz, Sand Bags, Weights or Kettlebells that you add to each side of board to keep in place while doing vertical work. In addition to the board, the Pro Boardz Package includes 2 yellow bandz, 2 red bandz, 2 black Bandz, 1 straight bar, 2 handles, 8 carabiners, 1 door attachment, 1 sprint/vertical belt system, and red & black mini bandz. Patent Pending

Mega Boardz Package

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